Job purpose and scope

We are looking for a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer to work with the development of our propellant pumps. This position will work with the seals and bearings solutions for the pumps, taking the fluid, temperatures, materials and forces into consideration. You will also perform rotordynamic simulations and help optimize the mechanical design of the pumps. This position will work closely with the rest of the engineering team to create the best overall solution.


  • Design cryogenic mechanical seals, able to function in the harsh conditions of eg. LOX
  • Dimensioning and analysis of super precision ball bearings for use in cryogenic conditions
  • Dimensioning and analysis of hydrostatic and -dynamic bearings and magnetic bearings
  • Performing rotordynamic simulations and adjust bearing stiffness, damping, etc to reach a functioning design
  • Design for production and assembly
  • Testing of designs
  • Design and plan integration with other subsystems

Experience/Knowledge (Not necessary to fulfill all of these)

  • Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering/Applied Physics/Applied Mathematics degree
    • Specialized on tribology and material science
  • Experience of engineering processes and tools for rotating machines
  • Analysis of bearings (esp. ball bearings)
  • Analysis of mechanical seals (leakage, wear, etc)
  • Analysis of rotordynamics (vibration/stress/damping in rotating machines)
  • Excellent theoretical knowledge in the relevant areas
  • Working in a team


Berlin, Germany or Trondheim, Norway

Note: Due to export regulations, applicants must be citizens of EU or Norway.

Questions and CVs can be sent to