Job purpose and scope

We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to work with the development of our highly optimized electrical motor for the propellant pumps. The design of the high rotational motors is complex and you will participate from design, to assembly and testing of the finished product. This position will work closely with the rest of the engineering team to create the best overall solution.


  • Update and improve design of high performance electrical motor
  • Simulations (efficiency, mechanical stress, deformation)
  • Testing of design
  • Design and plan integration with other subsystems


  • Electrical/Electromechanics Engineering degree
  • Experience of engineering processes and tools in motor development, including:
    • Idea generation
    • Problem solving
    • Simulations (efficiency, mechanical stress, deformation)
    • Testing of electrical motors
  • Excellent theoretical skills in electromechanics, motor design and dimensioning
  • Practical skills in motor testing and power electronics.
  • Experience in motor design, development and manufacturing
  • Experience working in a team


Berlin, Germany or Trondheim, Norway

Note: Due to export regulations, applicants must be citizens of EU or Norway.

Questions and CVs can be sent to